I’m Here!

The flight to Maui unfolded into a rather hellacious 5 hours of being kicked and jerked and screamed at by two unruly children in the seats behind me.  Believe it or not, the boy even managed to pull my hair!  Seriously, what is wrong with some parents?!?!  But I don’t want to dwell on that.

Not when this is my current view!


And here’s a look at what’s above the hammock.  This is the “Whispering Pine Forest” and they really do whisper in the soft Hawaiian breezes.


Here’s a look at my very comfortable room.  Can’t ask for more!


And the bathroom shot.  I’m diggin’ the rocks in the bottom of the shower.


As you may or may not know, I’m here in Maui for a week-long yoga retreat with Jason Crandell.  It’s a graduation gift to myself after completing the 500-hour Professional Teacher Training Program at YogaWorks.  It is, of course, pleasure but it’s a little bit of business as well because I’m scoping out the place as a possible venue for my own retreat in the future.  If you’re interested, the location is called Lumeria.  (You can Google it for more information… I’m on my iPad and inserting links is beyond my current level of patience.)

More tomorrow…

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