Day Two in Paradise

Lumeria is filled with beauty.


I feel so lucky to be here.

Yesterday was as perfect as a day can get.  Morning practice focused on variations of Natarajasana (Dancer’s Pose).  The rain fell softly outside and lent a really quite, hushed, focused quality to the time on the mat.  As always, the air was thick with humidity and heat, but it’s making for a great degree of openness in my body.  Besides, if you’re going to be sweaty, you might as well be all in, right?

Here’s a look at the shala where we practice…


And a peek at the inside…


I place my mat in front to take advantage of those windows!
During my Sun Salutations and other postures, my dristi is on the lush, green field beyond
and, of course, the rain.


Evening practice was a sweaty flow followed by a lovely deep Yin-style class with hip opening.

For dinner the chef prepared an Indian-inspired meal which was absolutely delicious.  All of the food here is amazing, by the way.  It’s fresh and healthy and creative and seems like just the right fuel for this work.  I’m spoiled not having to go anywhere else to find meals.  I’ve been on retreats before where a few meals are included but not all.  This, I must say, is heaven.

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