Final Day in Maui

My final day in Maui was bittersweet.  I tried to be in the moment and savor the feelings of peace and relaxation I had worked so hard to cultivate.  Still, with a stuffy head and a nose that wouldn’t stop running, that’s hard to do.


Because I felt so lousy, I decided to sleep in and make my way to the airport in a leisurely fashion, rather than racing to go to part of a class, shower, then depart.  It turned out to be the right choice for my body.  Yoga is nothing if it’s not honoring where you’re at for any given moment, regardless of what your ego wants.


I will surely miss this group of people (and the others not pictured).  All in all, we totaled 36, as I understand it.  I feel confident that at least some of our paths will cross again some day.


Goodbye, Lumeria.  Thank you for recharging my batteries and filling my well.  You are a truly special place, indeed.

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