Does Your Hair Feel Dry and Overworked?

How about a solution AND a discount?

I teach a lot of yoga.  Sometimes up to four classes in a day.  On top of that, I have my own practice.  This adds up to a lot of showers in a 24-hour period.  And that many shampoos and blow dries does a number on my hair.  Not a day goes by that my hair hasn’t felt dry, damaged, and overworked.

Then one day, all of that changed.  My dear friend (and yogini) Barbara Shreve introduced me to her deep conditioning mask, which she markets under the name Jean Michele.  Can I just tell you, this stuff is heaven in a jar!  It works.  It really, really works.

Hair Repair MaskPer the instructions, I apply the conditioner after using my regular shampoo.  Then I just soak in a hot tub for ten minutes or more to allow the mask time to work its magic.  (I’m convinced the secret is the Argan Oil and Shea Butter.)  After that, I rinse and style as normal.

The result is shiny, hydrated, nourished hair – with no heavy or  greasy feeling.  For me, the effects last for approximately four or five days.  Plus, the Hair Repair Mask is safe for color-treated hair and contains NO Sulfates or Parabens.  LOVE that!

As a former hair stylist and licensed cosmetologist, I’m typically skeptical of hair products, but I am honestly truly grateful to have found this conditioner.  I make it a point to use it once a week now and I WILL be purchasing more when my current supply runs out.

Barbara has been kind enough to extend a special 20% discount to all of my newsletter subscribers.  If you’d like to get the discount but aren’t currently a subscriber to my newsletter, no problem!  Simply send me an email indicating you’d like to be added to my list and I’ll forward you my latest newsletter with the coupon code inside.

This deal is only good until December 9, 2014, so don’t delay!

I think you will love her product as much as I do.  Plus, it’s good karma to support not only small business, but one of our own as well.  Thank you, Barbara!

*I was given my first jar of Jean Michele’s Hair Repair Mask for free.  The comments and opinions in this review are completely my own and 100% true.  This is just me, wanting to share something I love with all of you.

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