Just 3 Days Left to Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing!

Wanna’ take a break from the endless cycle of chores and errands while racing from one responsibility to the next?  Well, you’re in luck!  You can send yourself to Maui this November and give yourself time to really unwind and renew.  What’s better than that, you might ask?  You still have THREE DAYS LEFT to take advantage of early bird pricing!

Maui flyer 72dpiUntil the end of the day on Thursday, April 30, rates are as follows:

$1,975 per person double occupancy
$3,095 single occupancy

(on May 1, these rates will increase by $300)

A $500 non-refundable deposit together with the signed contract is all it takes to lock in the rates listed above.  The balance may be paid off at your leisure with the full amount due by September 1, 2015.

Questions?  See the FAQ’s on my website.  Or just ask!  I’m here to help you and I’m excited to share more about our trip.


Playing Around in My New YogaSmoga Gear

Allow me to introduce you to a relative new-comer
to the yoga apparel industry:  YogaSmoga.


Their cute and catchy name is a nod to the Hindi tradition of rhyming words while their logo symbolizes a balanced and powerful energy center.

YogaSmoga contacted me recently to see if I might be interested in trying their yoga wear in exchange for my honest review.  Up until that point, I had never heard of the company but after jumping online to take a peek at their website, I was thrilled to oblige!

My first thought upon opening the package and seeing the clothes in person was that the construction was of an extremely high quality.  I already knew from my online research that everything YogaSmoga produces is manufactured right here in the USA.  They also pay careful attention to eco-friendly dyeing processes while simultaneously creating colors that won’t bleed – definitely pluses in my book!

YStop1YogaSmoga sent me their Classic Slimmie Pants in Carbon 6 black and their Yantra Tank in Tickled Pink.  I was thrilled that they selected something I would have chosen for myself.  One thing I really like about the pants is that they are a terrific length for my 5’4″ height.  A lot of times I purchase “regular” pants and I end up tripping over the cuffs when I don’t have my shoes on.  These were spot-on in terms of length.

YSsideangThere’s a little band of elastic at the top of the waist which bothered me a little, visually-speaking.  I don’t like anything to cut in around the tummy because, well… no one likes unnecessary bulges.  This was minor, however.  Next time I’m looking forward to trying their Ballerina Leggings.  A YogaSmoga sales person advised me that the waistband is made slightly wider and the additional seaming at the top might help control that problem a little bit better.

YStreefrontThe tank top is a cute color and feels good on.  For me, I wouldn’t wear it without another bra or tank layered underneath as there is no support.  That’s fine by me; I actually prefer this kind of construction anyway versus those tops that have the shelf bra built in.

YStop3A hidden bonus is the coordinated inner waistband of the pants.  No one will ever see that strip of pink inside but I love knowing I’m “put together” from top to bottom.  It makes me feel polished and is a thoughtful detail on the part of YogaSmoga.

YStop2The day after we took these photos, I wore the same outfit for a vinyasa flow style practice.  Everything flexed and moved in all the right places.  The fabric is a little on the thicker side, especially for the pants, so they might get hot for some folks but this didn’t bother me at all.

YStreebackThis week I actually had the opportunity to visit the YogaSmoga store in person.  It’s just over the hill in Brentwood with a second location due to open in Beverly Hills this summer.  (There’s also a store in Connecticut but that’s too much of a commute at the moment.)

What a joy to put faces to names and hear a little more about the philosophy of the company in person.  Right off the bat, it’s clear that YogaSmoga is about supporting their customers and fostering a real sense of community.  I like this statement from their website and I found it to be true in real life as well:  “Our focus is not on building a brand; our goal is to have a love affair with our consumers. We create our products from the heart and with love and we want everyone to feel that.”

Not only did I walk out feeling real connections had been made, but I left with a few more pieces to add to my YogaSmoga wardrobe (including those Ballerina Leggings I mentioned above).

YSvashiTime and time again, I find that the practice of yoga brings people together – both on and off the mat.  This experience was no exception.  It’s a joy to support one another and lift each other up, especially when what we hold dear is so effortlessly aligned.  Thank you, YogaSmoga, for selecting me.  I look forward to continued opportunities together!

Should vs. Want

fork“For every fork in the road,
there are often two paths from which to choose:
the one you ‘should’ take and the one you want to take.
Take the second.
Always take the second.”

~Notes from The Universe

I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately.  You might have even heard it at the close of one of my classes.  How many times a day do you choose the thing you “should” be doing over the thing you really want?

Perhaps there are times when this serves us.  For example, you order the kale salad for lunch instead of the nachos, which sound infinitely better.  You decide to pay the gas and electric bills rather than walking home with that cute new yoga outfit you saw on the mannequin at the studio.  You pick up the kids and shuttle them to the dentist and to volleyball practice instead of crawling into bed to enjoy a long overdue nap.

Sure enough, there are things we just have to do if we want to function as responsible adults in this world.  There’s no getting around that.  Still, a critical problem arises when our lives become all about the shoulds without any room for the wants.

There needs to be room for both.  Finding a way to indulge in what you want is the way to add color and zest to your life.  It’s what makes you pop out of bed in the morning with an eagerness for the day.  It’s what makes your heart flutter and sends chills down your spine.  The wants excite us, motivate us, and refuel our otherwise rapidly draining wells.  They give our lives meaning.

I urge you to take a look at your own life today – right this very minute.  What things do you want?  What have you been dreaming about that you’ve found a million reasons to deny yourself?  Maybe, just maybe, can you choose to allow that dream some space to breathe?  I’ll bet there’s one thing you can do today that honors your want – even if it’s something as simple as posting a picture of it on your fridge or bulletin board.  Give your dreams permission to grow roots.  Water them with love and compassion.  That is what it’s like to choose the second path.  Whenever possible, always take the second.