Practice with Purpose

As you have no doubt heard, the people of Nepal are really suffering lately as a result of the massive earthquakes that have rocked their homes and their lives.  But you and I can do something right here and now to make a difference…

YW NepalPlease join me on Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 pm at YogaWorks Pasadena for a very special “Practice for Nepal” yoga class.  The sequence I have prepared is a lovely heart-centered flow, rooted in our universal vulnerability.

Students will be able to make a donation to assist the relief efforts in Nepal, if they like.  100% of the charitable contributions that day will go straight to Mercy Corp.  In addition, YogaWorks will donate 10% of all class-generated revenue.

Want to help but can’t make it to class that day?  Not a problem!  You can still make a difference by joining the YogaWorks team at the Yoga for Nepal online campaign.  Check it out here.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday and trust this experience will be meaningful for all!