Gratitude Prayer

While last year quickly fades into memory,
there’s still one promise I have yet to fulfill…


During the week of Thanksgiving, I centered my classes around the notion that it’s easy to offer thanks for the “good” things in our lives, but can we be grateful for the things that have been difficult?  Here is the prayer I wrote and shared with my students.  Many of them asked me for a copy of my words and it is with a full heart that I share them with you now.  I don’t think the message ever goes out of season.

Thanksgiving 2015

On this day…

I offer thanks for my mistakes because they have allowed me to find a better way.

I offer thanks for pain because it has taught me to be patient and to be present.

I offer thanks for those who have been mean-spirited because they have shown me that I can be different.

I offer thanks for challenge because it has made me stronger and more determined.

I offer thanks for sadness, depression, and grief because those emotions are a normal part of the human experience, proving that I am vibrantly alive.

I offer thanks for injury because I learned that I could heal.

I offer thanks for loss because through loss, I know that I loved.

I offer thanks for every sharp edge or bumpy road I’ve ever encountered because I’ve discovered that I can be soft and roll.


I offer thanks for all of the darkness because it has allowed me to see the light.


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